In general, women will opt for wigs that come with lace because of their amazing benefits. Many wig wearers want something that will help them retain a natural look, and that’s exactly what lace wigs deliver. However, being an ideal wig, it comes at a higher price; hence people will look for a cost-effective alternative. One of the alternatives that wig wearers consider is the no lace wig; it is affordable and easy to install.

If you are considering buying a no lace and want to know about this type of wig, you are in the right place. This article will explain the benefits of this wig type, how to make them look natural, and how to maintain them.

Table of Content

  • What is No Lace Wig
  • Tips to making a no lace wig look more natural
  • Why you should buy Luvme Hair no lace wig
  • How to maintain a no lace wig
  • Conclusion

What is No Lace Wig

According to its name, no lace wig is a type of hair that does not come with lace. It has all the components of the regular lace front wig but does not have lace. Because it does not have lace, creating a natural hairline cannot be easy.

Tips to Making a No Lace Wig Look More Natural

Since no lace exists to create a natural hairline, this might not look natural as expected. However, this can be corrected with these few steps:

Use Baby Hair

Using baby hair is one of the fastest ways to make your no-lace wig look natural. You can attach the hair to the front to create a hairline. Use scissors to cut hairs from the edges of the wig to create baby hairs. Ensure you comb and separate these strands to look natural. Another way is using your natural baby hair if it is the same color and texture as the wig.

Suitable Wig Cap

Your choice of wig cap plays an important role if you want your no-lace wig to look natural. Some of the wig caps you can try are weft caps, hand-tied caps, and monofilament caps. Each of these wig caps has pros and cons; you just have to choose what works best for you. However, hand-tied caps are more recommended for no-lace wigs. This is because it is more natural-looking as each hair strand is tied to the cap with a hand.


Once you are done choosing an appropriate wig cap, the next thing is customizing it for a natural look. You need to ensure the wig parting blends perfectly with your scalp. Also, if hairs are beneath the wig, ensure you align them in a similar direction to align with the wig and scalp. Next, you can apply some concealer to the parting; this will ensure the wig is growing directly from your scalp.

Wash After Buying

No lace wigs often have a shiny appearance, and this is likely to look unnatural. So, after buying your wig, wash it instantly to remove the excess shine. Also, ensure you only use hair products specifically made for wigs while washing. Remember, hot water will damage your wig, so it is best to stick with warm water. To further protect the wig, stay clear of any hot styling tools. If you have to use one, either use a heat protectant or use it at a low temperature.

Blow Dry

It is advisable to blow dry your no-lace wig to make it appear more natural instead of air-drying lace wigs. Blowing dry will give your wig more texture and also reduce excess shine. However, while doing this, configure the dryer to the coolest option. Next, you can blow dry for some minutes to help your wig look more natural.

Why You Should Buy Luvme Hair No Lace Wig

Cost-Effective Price

No lace wig is the best alternative if you want a lace wig but can’t afford the price. It is a cost-effective option and has everything a lace wig has except for the lace part. In reality, many women consider buying this wig because of the price.

Easy Maintenance

If you are busy and have a lot on your schedule, you should consider buying a wig with a low-maintenance process. Thankfully, no lace wigs fall into this category; unlike other wig types, they are easy to maintain. Even if your wig is made of human hair, you just have to clean the wig occasionally using the right hair products.

Extra Protection for Your Hair

A no-lace wig does not come with lace, so there is no need to use glue or any form of hair adhesives. It is not advisable to use these adhesives since you can be either allergic or might damage your scalp. No lace wig can be worn without the complicated process of adding any adhesives. Being a glueless wig, you can protect your hairline and scalp.

Simple Installation Process

In comparison to lace wigs, the installation process of no-lace wigs is quite straightforward. Lace wigs can be difficult to install since you have to trim the lace to attain a perfect look. However, the no-lace wig does not have any lace, so there is no need to spend time working on the lace. Overall, the no-lace wig is an ideal option if you are new to wigs and looking for something easy to install.


This article has explained important things to know about no-lace wigs. Since it is essential to look natural with your wig, we have discussed it in this article. Also, the article has explained some reasons you should consider buying a no-lace wig. If you are already convinced to buy a no-lace wig, the next thing is buying from a good wig brand. You can consider buying from Luvme Hair to access different options of no-lace and other wig types.